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The loss of a beloved family member can be overwhelming. Here are some ideas to help at these times.

Goodbye Comet


How it works

A personalised picture book by My Big Moments for helping kids handle grief and loss. Written for kids aged 2—7 years old. Available for purchase within New Zealand and Australia in hardcover, softcover and eBook.


Navigating grief and loss with our little ones can feel really overwhelming, yet it’s something all parents face sooner or later. ‘Goodbye Comet’, was written to make this tricky part of parenting a little bit easier. The story is personalised, placing your child in the action while the characters figure out together what it means to say goodbye to a much loved pet, and how to process their grief in a healthy way.


My Big Moments picture book, ‘Goodbye Comet’, has been specifically created for children to explore the concept of grief and loss in the safe, secure and loving environment of story time. Backed by research and consultation from child development experts, the book helps kids develop effective vocabulary, practical tools and proven strategies to use in their own real-life situations.


​​My Big Moments is an award-winning personalised picture book initiative that helps little people through big moments. The range covers the topics of starting school, building resilience, getting a new sibling, grief and loss, and going to hospital. Find out more, read a full preview, and buy the book at Join 'the village' on Instagram at @mybigmoments.

Did you know that children under the age of seven may not understand the concept and permanence of death?

It can help to explain that death is determined by lack of signs of life. When a body dies, movements, breathing and the heartbeat will stop.

Let your child know that people feel and behave differently when they’re coping with death and loss. Some people may want a cuddle, or, they may want to be left on their own.


More tips for helping kids handle grief and loss are included at the back of the book, ‘Goodbye Comet’.

Three tips for helping kids handle grief and loss


Grief  Support and Information


The loss of a pet or a human loved one can be overwhelming.

Having the support of a guide who can gently encourage you through this rough terrain can help make sense of the turmoil and lessen the aloneness.

Gaelynn is a trained counsellor and she currently offers Grief Support for pet and human loss over the phone

For information on grief support offered by Gaelynn from Loving Tributes and more information 

on why it hurts so much when our pets die, click on the link below.