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Pet Pendants NZ

Capture your beautiful pet's paw print in these handcrafted sterling silver keepsakes. Treasures to cherish. Also available in stainless steel.

No two paw prints are the same. Here at Pet Pendants NZ we love taking the most unique thing about your beloved pet and turning it into beautiful jewellery.

The vets from Our Pet’s Goodbye will do a paw print at your house call appointment.  A copy of this print can be sent to Caron to be made into the jewellery or keyring you choose. 

Please contact Caron 021 293 1913

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PetCasts is here to help strengthen and embrace lasting memories of your beloved pet. 

I provide a framed paw casting, either coloured Gold or Silver, with a personalised inscription of your choice along with space for a name tag if you wish.

I am dedicated to providing an empathetic, professional service whilst ensuring the dignity of your precious pet.  


Please feel free to contact me for any queries:

Emma 021622384

or ask Nic to engage my services. 


"Don't forget, somewhere between hello and goodbye, there was love, so much love." 

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