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Thank you Nic and Our Pets Goodbye. 


At such a terrible, harrowing moment, Nic was the essence of calm in the eye of my emotional storm. From our first heartfelt conversation over the phone to her arrival at my home, she was the friend we needed and the professional presence we depended upon to guide us through this unimaginably difficult time.  


My beloved Doug, the heart and soul of the household, drifted off to sleep in my lap and in my arms—as he had so often done. I could see that he was at peace, freed at last from the illness that had so ruthlessly robbed him of his quality of life. 

In his younger years he had been quite the man about town. On walkabouts for hours on end, cheekily checking out my neighbours homes and their cats. But he would always amble in nonchalantly at sundown, as if he knew how much I would worry if he failed to appear.

I miss him. I often find myself glancing at his favourite sunny spot expecting to find him stretched out there. At such times, I take comfort in the knowledge that Doug’s final moments were here at home--in a place where he felt safe and loved. 


Thank you, Nic, for your care and compassion.  Your support made saying goodbye as easy as it could have been.  I will be forever in your debt. 


- Mary


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