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Thank you for the help sending Piri off to a peaceful place. We received her ashes last week. We are grateful for the opportunity you gave us to do it at home.

Piri took her final breaths in the intimate setting of our home. The experience reminded me of my home birth in ways.  Different emotions and the opposite point in the circle of life, but we were FREE to experience our emotions and BE all we needed to be in the moment.

No masks, no metal table, no cold sterile environment...I was able to lay on my own floor with my own dog and be comfortable. She was in a place she knew and felt comfort. Not taken to a place she had never been with people who were not hers.

I didn't want to do it, but being home was the best place to do the hardest thing. I rescued her when she was 3 and she had 12 great years with us.

Thank you.

- The Sucklings


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