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Needless to say last Wednesday was the hardest day of my life. The decision to put my beautiful Alfie to sleep was tough.

Alfie's wellbeing during the procedure was extremely important for us, but also for our other dog Harry, Alfie's brother, to be involved so he could understand that Alfie hadn't just disappeared but had passed was almost as important.

In the end it was quite a quick decision we had to make. From the moment I called and spoke to Nic about Alfie to the procedure in our home Nic was kind, caring, explained everything and made a terrible situation as stress free and as peaceful as I could have hoped for our Alfie. 

It's only been a week and I miss him terribly. I really do hope he is running free and barking as much as he likes over the rainbow bridge. 

Thanks again Nic for being so caring. 

- Leanne, Brent and Harry


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