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A week ago I had to make the painful decision to say goodbye to Bruce (Mr B).

We were privileged to have him nearly 14 years - a rescue dog at 3 months old from the Hokitika SPCA.

A gentle soul that loved everyone and everything, even tolerating cats although he'd been beaten up by several over the years. Poor Bruce - I'm sure he never understood why they'd always box his ears when all he ever wanted was to be friends!

He loved to play ball and would go chase but would never bring it back. He would bark 'C'mon Mum' and  I would have to walk to wherever the ball and Bruce were. I always said, he was the Collie and I was the Retriever.

As Bruce aged and developed illness and pain, and after many medications, I made the decision to call Nic for the final goodbye.

She came and comforted Bruce and us and Bruce laid his head in my hands and quietly drifted away at home on his bed, free of pain and with ones who loved and cared for him.

Thank you Nic, for giving him and us that peace.

- Susan


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