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Nic provides the most amazing service. She was recommended to me and I’m so grateful for the service she provides. To be able to have our beloved family pet of almost 16 years, put to rest in the comfort of our home was such a comfort to all of us, at such a distressing time.

Throughout the process Nic showed compassion and talked us through each stage, so we knew what to expect next. It’s the little things that Nic did, which showed me how much she truly cares for your pet at this time e.g. taking prints of our pets paw as a keep sake for you to keep and putting a pillow under our pets head when he was taken away.

I knew as he left his home he was being taken by caring hands; to be treated with dignity and love. 

Thank you Nic for making an awful process for our family just that little bit easier because of your kind and caring nature.

With gratitude from all of us

- Diesel’s family


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