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When it came time to farewell Hayley, our precious and incredibly loved 14 ½ year old

German Shepherd, it was important that we were able to do so in the privacy and comfort of our own home.

Dr Nic MacDonald of Our Pet’s Goodbye provided gentle, unrushed, highly skilled and compassionate care. Hayley experienced the calm, comfortable and stress-free passing she so richly deserved and that we, as her family, wanted for her.

Nic was a great communicator and was extremely sensitive and respectful not only towards Hayley but also towards ourselves and our beautiful Labrador who was able to remain with us throughout the process. We truly cannot thank Nic enough for her kindness.

As an aside, Dr Caroline Whitty, co-owner of Our Pet’s Goodbye saved Hayley’s life in January 2016 when she developed gastric torsion and presented gravely ill to the After Hours Veterinary Clinic here in Christchurch. We are forever grateful for the wonderful skill, personalised care, and amazing compassion of both Nic and Caroline.

- Mike and Ruth


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