Preparing for the Euthanasia Visit

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Taking some time to plan for the procedure can reduce the stress involved and allow you to concentrate fully on you, your pet and your family, during the euthanasia, without the worry of making further decisions.


The following suggestions will give you a chance to consider the way you think you and your pet will be most comfortable, as well as give you an opportunity to prepare yourself and your family. All the options given can be discussed with the veterinarian ahead of time or just prior to the procedure. You may also change your mind right up until the last minute on any of these choices. The options are to help you prepare, so that you don’t have to make decisions at a time when you will be upset and sad. A printable version of this page is available here


Consider where you would like the euthanasia to take place. This could be the living room, on your pet's bed, outside, or simply wherever he or she chooses to be at the time...


Who will be present:

Part of preparing yourself is to decide who will be present.  What family members are able to be there and want to attend?  Who will be good emotional support for you and your pet?  Consider your children’s presence too and other pets in the family. 

At the time of the procedure you can choose either to be present for the entire time, to be present for the sedation but not for the euthanasia itself or not to be present for any part of the procedure.



Do you wish to bury your pet or would you prefer cremation?

If you want to have your pet cremated we can organise this for you or you can take your pet to the crematorium yourself? Some people find this can help with the grieving process but for others it is an additional stress which we can take care of .

Will you want the ashes returned and if so would you prefer a scatter box or a wooden casket? Do you wish to have engraving on the casket? There is more information on these options on the Crematoriums webpages.


Special instructions:

Please let us know of any special wishes you would like us to respect, like spending time alone with your pet after the sedative or anything relating to your beliefs you feel that we should know.  This could include anything you wish us to do or not to do, say or not to say.


Further Questions:

Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns you would like to discuss with the veterinarian prior to the procedure. Please do not feel that there is anything you cannot ask us. 



Once your pet has passed away, you may spend as much time as you wish with your pet and say your goodbyes. We will never rush you. However, please be aware that an additional fee may be applicable for unusually long visits (more than one and a half hours from our arrival). If we are organising cremation for you then after you have said your goodbyes, your pet will need to be carried to our vehicle. If your pet is very heavy please let us know if you are unable to assist us in carrying them.​