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Peaceful Home Euthanasia

Going the extra mile

Our Pet’s Goodbye has been carrying out home euthanasia visits for pets in and around Christchurch for more than 5 years. 

We have evolved significantly over the years, having now provided help to many hundreds of families.  However, our focus remains unchanged and has always been to give outstanding care to clients and their pets at an extremely difficult time in the role of pet ownership.

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Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm

We are often available outside of these hours on weekends and public holidays and at short notice.

Please call 027 4663293 to find out our availability.

Meet The Team

Dr Nic Macdonald BVMS

Dr Nic Macdonald BVMS



I am passionate about helping people get through the tough times that euthanasia brings, without judgement. There is one thing that is guaranteed in life and that is death. However, often as a society we don’t really want to acknowledge this, making end of life decisions all the more difficult.
My father is a vet and I grew up on a small farm.  I have been involved in situations involving end of life choices for our pets throughout my life. We were lucky to be able to euthanase our animals at home and a caring home euthanasia service is something that should be available to everyone, if they need.
To end suffering and pain for our pets and not to leave them to continue a life when there is no longer any quality, is a privilege that we have in veterinary medicine.
I have worked in emergency medicine for a large amount of my time as a vet, since graduating in 2001 from Glasgow University. Helping people through these tough times has always been a big part of my job and this is the reason that Our Pet’s Goodbye was started.

Dr Kate Arnold BA BVSc (Hons) MANZCVS

Dr Kate Arnold BA BVSc (Hons) MANZCVS

Euthanasia Veterinarian

I grew up surrounded by both farm animals and family pets and always knew I would one day become a vet. I graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2006 and until recently I have spent most of my professional life working in various busy clinics, mainly with cats, as I have a special interest in feline medicine.


Although I have been involved with euthanasia since the start of my career, the loss of my very special dog Boo at the end of 2021 marked the beginning of a more focused interest in the euthanasia process and the sense of loss that comes with it. I joined Our Pet’s Goodbye at the end of 2022, and I find the work that we do immensely rewarding.

A Bit About Us

Our Pet’s Goodbye was formed in 2018 by Dr Nic Macdonald and Dr Caroline Whitty. Today the service is continued by Nic and Kate for pets in and around Christchurch. It has always been the Our Pet’s Goodbye philosophy to provide the best euthanasia experience for our pets, to do everything possible for their owners and to make this tough time just that little bit easier. 

We are members of the Companion Animal Eutnanasia Training Academy and are always looking to improve our skills to be able to look after you and your pet throughout your euthanasia experience.

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Christchurch, New Zealand

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