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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know


The euthansia visit can be a really beautiful tribute to an animal and their time as part of the family, as they slowly drift off to sleep in their beds surrounded by their owners.  This leaves the euthanasia experience as a memory of an act of love and kindness and not a traumatic event that people wish never to think of again.

A home euthanasia gives everyone who wishes, a chance to be present.

This is especially important for children and other pets.


How do I know when it's the right time to euthanase my pet?

There is no right answer to this question and it depends on many factors, each of which are individual to you and your pet's situation.  Are they still finding enjoyment in life or has the effort of day to day activities become too much? Are they able to fulfil their basic needs such as getting outside to go to the toilet or to the litter tray?  These and many other questions can be significant to ask.  

Talk to Kate or Nic if you need any further help and guidance for your individual situation.



How do I prepare for a euthanasia visit and what happens afterwards?


Preparation can make all the difference between a beautiful goodbye and a last minute emergency dash to the clinic.  There isn’t always the luxury of time to prepare but if there is, find out your options.  Some clinics in and around Christchurch provide a home euthanasia service for their clients.   Find out who might be available from your clinic or if there is a home euthanasia service available when you may be in need of it.

We always give clear advice on how we structure a home euthanasia visit as it can really help to know what to expect. We will do this when you make an enquiry or booking and when arrive for the home visit.    

Afterwards you can choose to bury or cremate your pet's body. We will organise transport and cremation if you would like us to.  

The Team at Our Pet’s Goodbye can talk through all the options with you to find what suits your needs best. We are always happy to accommodate special requests where we can.  

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Why Should I Choose Our Pet’s Goodbye? 


Not all euthanasia experiences are the same.  At Our Pet's Goodbye we put emphasis on letting the euthanasia visit progress at you and your pet's pace.  All animals go to sleep in their own time and it is important that we don't rush them and proceed before they are ready. 

The American Veterinary Medical association advises that all pets should receive sedation prior to euthanasia, unless it is an emergency situation.  

At Our Pet’s Goodbye this is an essential part of our visit.   It not only gives pets time to gradually get sleepy but it also eases the transition between life and death for their owners.  

We will always offer to take ink paw prints and nose prints. These are free of charge. 

If you have any requests to make your euthanasia experience more special or easier for you, please let us know.


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