A few weeks back we made the difficult decision to send our beloved old man, George an apricot poodle who we adopted in 2010 to the big kennel in the sky. Friends had given me the card for Our Pets Goodbye, almost 2 years ago and we could delay no longer. I phoned the number, left a message and my call was returned that same morning. The conversation that followed was patient and informative and we booked an appointment for 10am on Sunday. On Saturday morning I woke and panicked that I was doing it all to soon. Simply put I got the gentlest response, offered a refund and told to take all the time we needed.  That night I stayed awake most the night with George and realised it was time. I phoned just after 8am and we agreed on 11.30am that day.


Nic arrived on time, in an immaculate uniform. She explained the process again and agreed we would take all the time needed. She was also very mindful to explain what she was doing and why. She even showed Harry, the bossy Scnoodle, what she was doing and allowed him to sniff inquisitively around her professionally packed veterinary kit of supplies. While Nic was fully present in our conversation (as George snoozed blissfully on my lap) she conscientiously and consistently checked the time to ensure we were on track. George did not flinch when the final injection came and despite my grief, I was grateful for such a peaceful send off. Once all his fellow pet companions had said goodbye, we wrapped George in a towel and walked down to the car. Even in this difficult stage of finally letting go of him, I was unexpectedly comforted as when she opened the boot there was the cosiest dog bed waiting for him.


In terms of a professional service this was immaculate. In terms of genuine empathy, understanding and compassion this has earned my heartfelt respect and, also gratitude. If you are in the situation where you need to help a furry companion, I can with the utmost confidence encourage you to get in touch with  Our Pets Goodbye.



Just wanted to say thanks for your kindness and support. You helped me a lot to get through one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.




Thank you so much for providing this service, it was a comfort to know that you also thought this was the right decision for Jack as self-doubt is the worst. It was all so calm and peaceful for him and this was due to your wonderful way with people and pets. You are truly unique to be able to do this with such compassion and empathy. 




We can’t thank Caroline enough for the gentleness and sensitivity she displayed when it came to putting our beloved Sabina to sleep.  This was one of the hardest decisions we had to make and being able to do this in our own home made this heart-breaking process as easy as it could be.  Caroline guided us through the process and gave us time and space to say our goodbyes in an environment that was stress free for Sabina and comforting for us.  Being able to do this process at home enabled Sabina to be surrounded by the same love she had experienced throughout her life. This allowed us to be able to look back and remember those last hours with her not as a time of pain but of being supported to show her one final act of love.  Thanks Caroline for helping us come to that place in such a professional yet caring way.  

Ria and Steve



It’s such a tough decision to end the life of a long-term pet. We went back and forth on when was the right time. I wished he could have told us what his quality of life was like - and sometimes even wishing that I would wake up in the morning and find he had passed away in his sleep. Finally, we made the decision to put him down. After 16 years with our family, it was really important to us that we didn’t send him off in a clinical environment. Duff was suspicious of the vet clinic at the best of times. It was so nice to have some control of his last moments and to make sure he was calm and comfortable. It was much less stressful for us too. Nic has a gentle, kind nature that set us all at ease. I thought I would burst into tears, but when Duff was gone, I actually felt an immense relief and peace. I was grateful for all the good times we’d had with him and was glad to be done agonising over his clearly painful last months. It took us a while to get there, but I was sure in that moment that we made the right decision. It’s such a big moment for a family, I can’t imagine doing it any other way than at home with Our Pet’s Goodbye. 




Saying goodbye to Maxine (aka the Weasel) was just the pits.  It was a tough but necessary decision that we had been putting off for several weeks hoping she would rally the troops and come back fighting fit.  In Maxine’s last days her one true love was an occasional piece of bacon, but aside from that she wasn’t eating and was becoming more and more restless.  We called in Caroline at short notice and on a weekend and she was with us pretty darn quick.  We sat together with Maxine and exchanged stories for a time and Caroline talked us through the departure process.  After some more time with our wee fur baby, and some heavy teary moments, we gave Caroline the go ahead and our little girl went off to sleep nice and peacefully.

Bryan and Sue



This is Jasper, my gorgeous cat. When, at the age of 20 years old, I couldn’t bring myself to take him to the vet to have him put to sleep, Nic came to my place and with a lot of care and understanding, put him to sleep for me. Nic was just wonderful and I wouldn’t hesitate to have her again and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone else.​ 


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