Our Pet’s Goodbye was formed in 2016 by Dr Nic Macdonald and Dr Caroline Whitty. Today the service is continued by Nic for pets in and around Christchurch. It has always been the Our Pet’s Goodbye philosophy to provide the best euthanasia experience for our pets, to do everything possible for their owners and to make this difficult time just that little bit easier. 

Dr Nic Macdonald BVMS

Nic and Oedipus.jpg

I am passionate about helping people get through the tough times that euthanasia brings, without judgement. There is one thing that is guaranteed in life and that is death. However, often as a society we don’t really want to acknowledge this, making end of life decisions all the more difficult.
My father is a vet and I grew up on a small farm.  I have been involved in situations involving end of life choices for our pets throughout my life. We were lucky to be able to euthanase our animals at home and a caring home euthanasia service is something that should be available to everyone, if they need.
To end suffering and pain for our pets and not to leave them to continue a life when there is no longer any quality, is a privilege that we have in veterinary medicine.
I have worked in emergency medicine for a large amount of my time as a vet, since graduating in 2001 from Glasgow University.  Helping people through these tough times has always been a big part of my job and this is the reason that Our Pet’s Goodbye was started.