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We tried everything to make our precious cat better but when it became obvious that we were not winning we had to consider euthanasia.  It was so difficult to come to that decision.  The decision was made even more difficult knowing that our cat hated being handled at the vets.  So we decided to look at home euthanasia.

We were determined to make our goodbye peaceful for her. From the initial call to Our Pet's Goodbye, we felt so reassured that they would be able to do this for her. Everything was explained so well ahead of time. Kate was amazing and our notoriously difficult-to-handle cat was happily munching on treats when she had her first injection and hardly noticed it. At each stage, we were given plenty of time for strokes and saying goodbye. Nothing was rushed. 

Being able to say goodbye in our cat's favourite spot in the house without any stress was priceless. The aftercare and handling of the cremation were seamless. We cannot thank the team enough for their kind and thoughtful care.

- Francesca


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