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My name is Helen and my darling boy’s name is Basil.

I have read all the beautiful testimonials on the website at Our Pet’s Goodbye, and I am in the company of those who have also had to make the devastating decision to help their precious fur babies go. Each story tugs at the heart strings.


My Basil arrived almost 14 years ago. The first night, he tried to get through my cat door, I shooed him away. The next night he tried again, I shooed him away again and then I thought better of it. I followed him down the drive and called for him. He came towards me, so I knelt, and then he did the most amazing thing… He got up on his young, strong, hind legs and kissed me on the nose.

I fell in love at that instant, he was mine.


It actually turned out, that the neighbourhood was “His Hood”. I’ll never know how old he was or where he came from or why. He roamed, fought and stayed away and I worried, and I worried. The vet bills for abscesses came in on a regular basis, but he had come to me... he had chosen me. In the last few years he settled, he loved me, I was his.


Three months ago Basil was diagnosed with cancer. It all happened so fast, Basil’s decline was rapid. I really struggled, like all of us, to make the decision to help him go.


I think Nic was sent to me by angels. I had spoken previously with her about the process, and I knew it was going to be right for Basil and me, but I just had to know it was the right time. Nic was at my home within half an hour after I called. She was so soft and gentle with my boy.

Nic respected his tired, aching little body and spoke to him and me through the whole process.

My darling boy fell soundly asleep in my arms and then slipped away without a sound, outside in our garden with the birds singing and the sun on our backs. It could not have been more perfect; Nic made it that way.

Basil was a gift to me, I wrapped him up in a blanket and bow and gave him back.


Thank you Nic so much, Basil and I are so grateful.

- Helen


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