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When we’ve been blessed with the unconditional love, loyalty, comfort, fun and

companionship of a fur baby, there may come a time that we must make the blisteringly painful decision to release them from their position of responsibility of serving our well-being. A time when their needs must surpass our own.

After eighteen such years with my beloved Spoodle, Ollie, there is only one service that I would turn to in my time of despair.

From my first call with Caroline, to the home visit by Nic, every aspect of dignity, compassion, kindness and absolute professionalism has been extended and blended seamlessly into the individual cremation service offered by Gaelynn and Andrew from Loving Tributes.

When we must endure the searing pain of loss, remember, it is a measure of the depth of

love we have shared and been blessed with.

As a therapist used to encountering the grief of others, I fully endorse how my experience

with Caroline, Nic, Gaelynn and Andrew has softened the devastation of my personal loss

and smoothed the path to healing.

With heartfelt blessings to all who cared for Ollie.

- Duncan


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