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Skye and Duke

Recently we had to make the very difficult decision to say goodbye to our two Miniature Schnauzers that had been members of our family for a long time - Duke 14 years and Skye 12 years.

Losing Skye was tough but having to say goodbye to Duke four weeks later as well was heart breaking.


We had noticed Our Pets Goodbye and contacted Nic who came to our home to help guide us through what was a very difficult and sad process.

Nic took time to comfort Duke and Skye and hear stories about things they use to get up to so that they were very relaxed and not stressed.  She then explained the procedure before the time came to start the final process. 


We cannot speak highly enough of Nic’s kind, gentle and empathetic manner during this time. She helped us through what was a very difficult and emotional time and made it far less stressful for us as well.


We highly recommend Nic and Our Pets Goodbye to anyone who has to go through this difficult time.


- Robert and Audrey


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